Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fright Night Film Fest 2008 & Museum of Death

Looks like it’s about that time again. Next August 15th - 17th will be the 2008 Fright Night Film Fest here in Louisville. Last year was the 1st year I attended and I had a had a great time. Once again I will be a guest at the show. Good news for this year, I created the poster for the show so be sure to grab yourself a copy.
Like I said above last year was great and this year looks to be even better with a lot of cool guests that even I look forward to seeing. Artist for the Kiss albums Ken Kelly, artist the original Ghost Rider Gary Friedrich. Mick Foley!!!, The tall man himself Angus Scrimm from the movie Phantasm, The 30th anniversary of Halloween with guests Tommy Lee Walace, Brain Andrews, and more Plus Danielle Harris for Rob Zombies Halloween and Dick Warlock from Halloween 2 & 3! Wow. If that is not enough how about Cousin it & Wednesday from The Addams Family, Sgt. Steel from Day of the Dead, Tiffany Shepis, Friday the 13th reunion, Texas Chainsaw reunion, Al Snow, films, monster toys and more. Going to be a fun time in Louisville come August 15th.

Visit Fright Night Film Fest web site for more info. Fright Night Film Fest 2008


Museum of Death in Hollywood will be opening the doors for the new and improved museum. This place is a must see! For the reopening the fine people at the Museum of Death commissioned me to create a poster for the reopening of the museum. The Museum of Death poster will be a signed and numbered limited edition so gets yours fast before they are gone for good. Visit the Museum of Death at 6033 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Ca. 90028

Visit the Museum of Death myspace page at Myspace/MuseumofDeath

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