Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fright Night Film Fest

Well Fright Night Film Fest 2007 has come and gone. I had a great time. Seen some old friends and made some new ones. Everyone at the show was very cool. Had a lot of laughs with Jim Krut (helicopter zombie from Dawn of the Dead) and Leonard Lies (machete zombie from Dawn of the Dead) who's table was right next to mine! The Claytons (the two lead zombies from Dawn of the Dead) was great and fun to talk to as always. Bob May (Lost in Space TV show) gave me a lesson on how to make a hot dog taste like a New York hot dog does (add onions and mustard haha). It was also great seeing and talking to all the people that stopped by my table! I look forward to next year. Fright Night Film Fest 2008 will have a show poster done by me, so you can say you heard it here 1st!. Plus keep your eyes open as some time in the future I will be doing shirts and or posters for Jim Krut, Leonard Lies and Ed Neal! Congratulations to Ed Neal and Teresa as they will be getting married soon. Thanks to all the other guests that signed stuff for me.
Pictured at the right is Gunnar Hansen (original leatherface) signing the chainsaw from my full size leatherface, plus up above is photos of me with Jim Krut and Michael Berryman (Hills have Eyes).

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