Monday, August 13, 2007

Fright Night Film Fest

The second annual Fright Night Film Festival is back August 17th-19th, 2007 in Louisville, KY. I am a guest and will have a table with a few goodies to look at. Other guests include (which I am looking forward to meeting):

The cast from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bill Johnson (Leatherface of TCM 2), Kane Hodder(Jason), Tony Moran (Halloween), Andre Gower (The Monster Squad), Jim Krut (Helicopter zombie from DOTD), Leonard Lies (Machete zombie from DOTD), Clayton & Sharon Hill (lead zombies from DOTD), Micheal Barryman (Hills Have Eyes) and many more. Plus movies, vendors and general crazy people!!! Should be fun, come out and see me.

Visit Fright Night Film Fest site for more info.

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