Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bart Road Show

Toy Tokyo is helping 20th Century Fox promote the Simpson movie by having a show of custom Bart Simpson Qee toys. Toy Tokyo asked several notable people for a short list of 5 artists each. One of those notable people is Sal Canzonieri from Electric Frankenstein. Under the flag of Sal Canzonieri (Fistful of Rock & Roll ) will be myself, Dirty Donny, Stephen Blickenstaff, Steve Cerio, and Joe Simko. Each artist will be customizing a Bart Qee (shown above is the one I got). Then all the Barts (not sure how many customized Barts there will be total) will hit the road in a traveling Bart Qee Show. You will be able to see the Qee's several places in the states, Japan and China. The last show the Bart Qee's will be for sale. That's the news I got anyways :P So over the next few weeks I will be posting photos of the progress on my Bart Qee. Should be fun. So keep checking back to see my Bart come to life (or death) as it may be.

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