Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Front Page

I had to change my front page on the site as I just don't have the time to update the news section on it all the time. This blog I hope will work better plus it also takes the place of the guest book.

Its been busy here in Gaither land. Working on lots of cool projects. As they are done I will post images here for you to check out.

My art has been in several shows as of late. I would tell you where but as of right now my brain is on the zombie side of things and I can not recall one show name haha.

Some places you can catch me at with my art are the Forecastle Fest July 27th - 28th (Louisville), Derby City Espresso Art Show starting July 5th (Louisville), and I am a guest at the Fright Film Fest here in Louisville August 17th - 19th.

The photo I posted for the test post on the blog is a recent custom Circus Punk I painted for a collector. Turned out pretty cool I think. If you would like a custom Circus Punk (or anything else for that matter) contact me.

You know, sitting on your ass all day drawing can really take a toll on you after so many years. So I have started walking about an hour a day and eating better (no more cokes, candy etc arggg haha). I have been doing the "walking more eating less" for about a month or so now and have lost 20lbs! YAY for me haha.

Sad news. Another artist friend of mine pasted away last month. I done all kinds of art jams with Mike. He was a great guy and over the last year or so really got back into small press. I done a lot of stuff for his zines and mini comix back in the 80's. Crazy Man Go Wild being one you may recall. You will be missed Mike. Michael Roden RIP June 14th, 2007.

Hope this post finds you in good health and high spirits.

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